TCK TOWN is an online journal which publishes stunning international stories from across the globe. As the founder and editor-in-chief, I create the social media content for our Facebook page, art direct and manage our Instagram account, write and schedule our newsletters, coordinate with the writers to edit each article that is published on the website and curate each month's content.

I also contribute an article each month as a writer. 

Cindy Gallop retweeted my TCK TOWN article Love, Porn & Knowing The Difference shortly after our launch. Last year, I was interviewed by Tayo Rockson from UYD Media about the publication and my experiences as an art director, which you can listen to here



"I remember the song 'I Am Australian' from assemblies in Junior School. We wouldn't sing the National Anthem as much (I did know it though) - but this one was printed in our homework diaries, and lovingly visited. We would open to the correct page dutifully and I would stand on my tiptoes, excited to launch into the song. I loved that 'the girls part' meant we got to climb over the lyrics and sing a higher harmony at "on a dry and barren run" while the boys peeled the words apart down low. I adored the imagery of the orange sands, the big billowing ships and the cracked, wizened trees. I joyfully walked the old earth beside the characters of each verse as we rumbled through the melody."

- I Am Australian. 21 September. TCK TOWN. 

"Yuki took me to meet her family and childhood friends in Toyota - a shinkansen away from the city. Mount Fuji spared us an uninterested glance through the mist as we sped by and left the high rises behind to move closer to the sea and to greener land.

I was humbled to be there. I think her folks and her grandfather enjoyed the novelty too: her mum wrapped me up in a red yukata shortly after I arrived, thrilled to play with my long hair, which was deftly pinned up before she arranged me around the house and garden for photographs (where propping and backdrops were considered with great seriousness)."

My First Two Favourite Tokyo Boys. 29 October. TCK TOWN.